What we really do?

Your health and the health of your eyes often correlate. Our qualified Optometrist will provide you with expert eye care. Our services include advising and giving out required information and tips about how one can benefit from correct lenses, frames and contact lenses.We guarantee you about client satisfaction as our team is updated regularly on the latest technical and fashion information.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Fatima Nasim

-Doctor of Optometry-

MS Optomentry – FIACE Australia
Hybrid Lenses USA
Advance Contactology Spain

What We Offer

Prosthetic & Bandage contact lenses

Dyslexia & Migraine

  Lens & Eyes Examination

Progressive Lenses

 Spectacle lenses for color deficiency

Gradual Mirage

High-end Plastic lenses

Contact Lens for dry eyes

Branded Frames

Bifocal & Multitocal 

RGP Gas Permeable lenses

Disposable contact lenses

Branded High-index Rodenstock

Aspheric lenses

Scleral lenses